Welcome GnomeCAT

It has been a while since the last post I wrote about my work writing a new CAT tool. It’s true that I have remain about a month working on other things (related to my university classes) but some important things have happened since then.

Firstly two of the most important items of the new tool which are hints and checkers has been implemented. These two aspects have been implemented as interfaces that should been implemented as plugins. However, I have write DemoHintProvider and DemoChecker to show how these items are going to work.

I have also refactored the code related to select items and the code related to navigate through the document and searching strings. Now the Navigator class is the common parent of the class that allows to navigate through the document and the search classes. In addition now these two classes use a new API to select items in the program. This API is provided by the Application class and allow to select a file, a message and a string inside a message.

Then, I have change the name of the application to GnomeCAT as part of the request of the Gnome foundation that the application name should be “Gnome branded”.

To end, last 12th of October, I have attend to the X GUADEC-es and there apart from meeting some old and new friends I have give a talk with Daniel Mustiles about the application. The previous photo is from that moment. You can find the slides I’ve use here (they are in Spanish :S) and the video that I’ve use to show the tool here.

Liska! – Sonhos de Raiva

Este ano estou collendo a (boa) costume de escoitar tódalas noites que podo o Planeta Furancho, un programa da Radio Galega Música dedicado case exclusivamente a música galega e en galego. Este programa permíteme coñecer moitos grupos que doutra forma nunca escoitaría.

Fai uns días pasaron polo programa un grupo de Ska de nome Liska! bastante xeitoso para presentar o seu novo disco. En principio as copias do disco so estaban dispoñibles en varios centros sociais esparcidos por Galicia entre eles o C.S. Madia Leva! de Lugo. O sábado pasado aproveitando un concierto (máis ben un conciertazo :D) de Machina no Madia Leva! comprei unha copia do novo disco. O disco soa moi moi ben e lembra bastante o extinto Skarnio co que comparten vocalista.
Bueno todo este tocho de antes é para recomendarvos que lle botedes unha ollada (ou unha orellada) o disco que tamén esta dispoñible en Spotify (si, dinme conta un par de días tarde).

Portada Liska

PD: Xa facía tempo que non escribía un post non relacionado co meu traballo no GSoC… A ver se manteño o ritmo e escribo algo todos os meses como o ano (académico) pasado.

Changing the tool UI

As I said in the last post I’m going to continuing working on the tool providing I have free time. This last weeks I have being working on some changes of the tool user interface.

On the one hand I have remove the GDL library support. I have some talks through IRC with Ignacio Casal (former GTranslator maintainer) and we both agree that with a good UI design the use of dockable elements is unneeded and it requires to have dependencies with a quite buggy library.

On the other hand I have mixed the list of message with the message editor itself. You can watch how it looks in the following video. It still needs some adjustments but I think that the idea is clear.

Do you like the result?

PS: I’m going to attend next GUADEC-es in Madrid! If you have some ideas or opinions about the application just send an email and we can drink some beers (or your favorite beverage) while we discuss about the tool.

GSoC Final Report

Before I start I would like to thank Gnome for this incredible experience, spending the entire summer working on FLOSS has being awesome :D. I would like to thank Gnome for sponsoring my travel to GUADEC and giving me the opportunity of meeting so nice people. Last but not least, I’d like to thank Google for creating this great program.

I have spend this summer writing a new translation tool that should substitute GTranslator. When I started to develop the idea one of the things that people said was that I would not be able to finish the application when the summer ends. To be honest now I have to say that they were right. I had to face some totally new technologies that were not or really bad documented in most cases. So I have to say that the application is not finished and it’s not ready to use. I will continue working on it the followings months because I consider it as a personal project I want to see finished.

On the last report I tell you that I was going to be working on preferences panel, I have create a preferences dialog with two tabs and I have implement profiles. In a near future this dialog is going to have a couple of more tabs, one for extensions and another for general application preferences.

In this video I show you the current aspect of the application and how some features that I have implemented are working.

Po files, projects, navigation and other stuff I have been doing

Last weeks I have being trying push up my project in order to make it useful. It means to accept real files and not ad-hoc DemoFiles. I have being trying to implemented bindings for the gettext-po library and I get something that works but that eats memory as a hungry monster :-(. I have being trying to figure out what was wrong but I have fail so I decided to continue with other features.

During this time I have implement drag and drop tabs and I have implemented navigators that allow the user move around the translated/untranslated/fuzzy messages. In addition I have created implemented dialogs for opening files and projects (directories) and I have modify the implementation of the advanced search dialog to use response codes.

Other thing I have being trying to do is to maintain the same coding style for every file. I have try to leave a blank space between function names and function parameter list, a white space after each comma among other things.

I’m trying to complete every detail before starting to implement plugin engine so I’m working hard implementing the remaining details. My plannings for next weeks are implementing preferences window with gsettings and view menu. I probably will rewrite some part of the search and navigation mechanism to make it simpler.

PS: I have been helping Sindhu to write some sections of a really nice guide for beginners. Check it out!

GSoC application status report

This last weeks I have been polishing some details of the application but I have not added any major feature.

I attend a really nice talk about building Gtk applications during GUADEC and I have been including some aspects that I learn there. I have create a class application and I have substitute Window by ApplicationWindow. In addition I didn’t know the SearchBar widget so I replace my ad-hoc widget by the “standard” one.

I have a really nice talk with Ignacio Casal (thank you man!) through IRC and he gives me really nice advises that I have been implementing. I have added autotools support to the project, I have implemented the HeaderBar and Notebook inside the window template and not as part of different templates and I have remove some comments that I wrote when I started the project and that make the code dirtier.

In addition I have removed the StatusBar and I have included a progressbar on the HeaderBar title that shows the name and status of the current file. That last idea comes from a conversation with yoseforb through IRC (Great idea!).

The next video show the current aspect of the the tool. Due to some unknown reason the button icons aren’t being shown since the last JHBuild update I have made :(.

You can follow the project status and you can try (and even review) the code using the GitHub repository.

Moreover I’m still waiting for your opinion about the program name. The only person that has give his opinion was Daniel so “GNOME Translation Tool” is winning at the moment.

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