Mes: Agosto, 2013

Po files, projects, navigation and other stuff I have been doing

Last weeks I have being trying push up my project in order to make it useful. It means to accept real files and not ad-hoc DemoFiles. I have being trying to implemented bindings for the gettext-po library and I get something that works but that eats memory as a hungry monster :-(. I have being trying to figure out what was wrong but I have fail so I decided to continue with other features.

During this time I have implement drag and drop tabs and I have implemented navigators that allow the user move around the translated/untranslated/fuzzy messages. In addition I have created implemented dialogs for opening files and projects (directories) and I have modify the implementation of the advanced search dialog to use response codes.

Other thing I have being trying to do is to maintain the same coding style for every file. I have try to leave a blank space between function names and function parameter list, a white space after each comma among other things.

I’m trying to complete every detail before starting to implement plugin engine so I’m working hard implementing the remaining details. My plannings for next weeks are implementing preferences window with gsettings and view menu. I probably will rewrite some part of the search and navigation mechanism to make it simpler.

PS: I have been helping Sindhu to write some sections of a really nice guide for beginners. Check it out!

GSoC application status report

This last weeks I have been polishing some details of the application but I have not added any major feature.

I attend a really nice talk about building Gtk applications during GUADEC and I have been including some aspects that I learn there. I have create a class application and I have substitute Window by ApplicationWindow. In addition I didn’t know the SearchBar widget so I replace my ad-hoc widget by the “standard” one.

I have a really nice talk with Ignacio Casal (thank you man!) through IRC and he gives me really nice advises that I have been implementing. I have added autotools support to the project, I have implemented the HeaderBar and Notebook inside the window template and not as part of different templates and I have remove some comments that I wrote when I started the project and that make the code dirtier.

In addition I have removed the StatusBar and I have included a progressbar on the HeaderBar title that shows the name and status of the current file. That last idea comes from a conversation with yoseforb through IRC (Great idea!).

The next video show the current aspect of the the tool. Due to some unknown reason the button icons aren’t being shown since the last JHBuild update I have made :(.

You can follow the project status and you can try (and even review) the code using the GitHub repository.

Moreover I’m still waiting for your opinion about the program name. The only person that has give his opinion was Daniel so “GNOME Translation Tool” is winning at the moment.


I have just arrive Santiago de Compostela airport and I think that this marks the end of my second GUADEC.

However, this GUADEC was totally different that the first one. Last year in Coruña I was surrounded by people that I already met and I didn’t make any effort to meet new people. Although I don’t met new people, “that’s where I got infected”. I realize that I want to work in a FLOSS company and that I want to belong to this awesome community.

Gnome Hispano dinner at GUADEC

Photo taken by Ana Rey (@anaRB)

One year later I’m working on a GSoC project and I have faced GUADEC in a totally different way. I didn’t meet anybody who was going to attend the event.  In addition last year GUADEC talk were a little boring for me so I decide to volunteer in order to meet new people and practice my speaking English. I met a lot of great people and I have a really great time. In fact I’m thinking about attending GUADEC-ES that is going to take place next October in Madrid.

This year talks were awesome. I really enjoy Emily talk about FLOSS and Education, the talk by Juan Pablo Ugarte about Glade and CSS and Fabiana Simões (who I’ve got the pleasure to met) talk  about How to not report UX bugs among others. I also have the opportunity to give a lighting talk (thank you Ana for this and evert photo you have taken during the event) of about 3 minutes about my work in GSoC.

I want to thank Gnome Foundation to give me the opportunity of meeting such a great people and having a really great time with them.


PS: The photo was taken the last day during a dinner with people from Gnome-Hispano. Thank you guys for the such a good time we’ve spend together 😉


This last week I have been working on implementing search module on the new program. To do this I create iterators for messages inside files and for message marks inside messages. A message mark contains a reference to a substring on a message and it stores the information that it’s needed for highlight certain part of the message.

I have modify my code deleting my string filters that added Pango Markup and I change that for TextMarks that works better with a GtkTextView.

In the next video you can watch how a simple search looks in the new application.

If you have any suggestion about the video or the project in general please leave a comment, write me and email or contact me during GUADEC.

On the other hand this days I will be on GUADEC!! I’m really grateful to Gnome Foundation that sponsor my travel and accommodation for this really interesting conference and allows me to be here. If you want to see me and talk to me about this project or you want to see what I have make working you can find me on some of the talks where I’m volunteering as session chair.

PS: People from Gnome has asked me to change the name of the application because it should be Gnome branded. I need your opinion, what name do you like more, Gnome Translator or Gnome CAT?

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