Mes: Xuño, 2014

Implementing the Editing Panel

During the last week I have been re-implementing the editing panel following the guidelines provided by the mockup which Daniel Korostil made some time ago:


You can watch the final result on the following video:

The biggest part of the edit panel is occupied with the editor panel where we can translate the strings and get some information related to them like the tips and the origins. Message tips are more visible now.

I have also implement message origins and I added the possibility of view these origins but as you can see I’m using a Gtk Popover widget which is part of GTK+ 3.12. I’m currently using Fedora 20 and my version of GTK+ is 3.10 so I need to use JHBuild to view this feature and I guess that most of translator who are trying the application are in a similar situation. That’s why I have decided to move this commit to a separate git branch.

During this week I have also add keyboard shortcuts to some actions. You can see what shortcuts I have created here. The most are completely random so I need to figure out which is the best shortcuts mapping that I can use. Any idea is really welcomed.

I’m trying to write down all the issues I need to fix or implement at the GitHub issues system. There you can find which are the next steps in the application implementation.

GNOMECAT. Progress report

I have been accepted again to participate in Google Summer of Code program!! During this summer I plan to finish the application I started during last summer.

The first month I have been really bussy with some university exams and projects so I haven’t be able to post any report. But I have been working on changing some parts of the UI interface.

I have create a design wiki page using the relevant art from the previous GTranslator redesign and I have added some new designs. I have started to implement this designs you can see the result in the following video.

As you can see I have remove the preferences dialog and now it’s part of the main window. In addition I have add a .desktop file, I have implemented i18n support, a wellcome mode where the program forces the user to create a profile before starting to use the program, etc. You can see all my work in the repository commits.

I expect you like the result. It needs to be polished and some bug fixing (encoding combobox for example) but I believe that you can see the idea. My next step is to redesign the main editing window to make something similar to this.

You can test the code downloading it from the GitHub repository. I use Fedora 20 (with GNOME 3.10) and I don’t need to use JHBuild for compiling and running the program.

Please, if you have any trouble building, installing or running the program do not hesitate to contact me leaving a comment or sending an email.

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