API, GUADEC and big files

por Marcos Chavarría Teijeiro

During the last days I have been working on completing the program features that were planned for GSOC. I have create a program API which allows a user to create useful plugins like a checkers which checks if a message is translated correctly and a hint provider which provides translations to the user as a Translation Memory.

On the other hand, I have been on Strasbourg GUADEC!! It’s has been an awesome three days where I met old and new friends and I have the opportunity of give a lighting talk about my work on GSoC. Thanks to GNOME for sponsoring me!! :)).

The most important step for concluding this GSoC is to make the program works with big files (3000 messages or more). I believe that I habe discovered the problems that cause this issue. The program has a ListBox where each row represents a message. When I open a big file (GNumeric for example) the program memory consumption goes from 70MB to 230MB and the program is terribly slow. I tried to make each row lighter removing some icons and using a simple two lines label but the problem remains so I decided to try with TreeView. I have written two program test to store a huge amount of rows using TreeView and ListBox and the performance of the TreeView widget is quite better. So I will create a new custom CellRenderer to display the message information inside a treeview.

The program is almost ready for use so I really need some beta tester translators to test it and to give me their opinion or to find bugs. I’m using GitHub issue tracker so file a bug is really easy :). If any developer wants to help it would be really appreciated too.