Changing the tool UI

por Marcos Chavarría Teijeiro

As I said in the last post I’m going to continuing working on the tool providing I have free time. This last weeks I have being working on some changes of the tool user interface.

On the one hand I have remove the GDL library support. I have some talks through IRC with Ignacio Casal (former GTranslator maintainer) and we both agree that with a good UI design the use of dockable elements is unneeded and it requires to have dependencies with a quite buggy library.

On the other hand I have mixed the list of message with the message editor itself. You can watch how it looks in the following video. It still needs some adjustments but I think that the idea is clear.

Do you like the result?

PS: I’m going to attend next GUADEC-es in Madrid! If you have some ideas or opinions about the application just send an email and we can drink some beers (or your favorite beverage) while we discuss about the tool.