Details and more details

por Marcos Chavarría Teijeiro

Since my last report I have been working on improving gettext-po bindings, fixing some bugs and starting to implement the plugin engine.

The gettext-po bindings are finished and the whole gettext-po library has its equivalent on the Vala bindings. The plugins engine is implemented but I have to create an API to be able to do a useful plugin. I have been cleaning the code so creating that API should be easier.

In addition, I have implement a notification bar which indicates the user that there are no messages that have the search criteria for example and the message list scroll works properly when we select a item. I have been trying some things for implement “automatic scrolling” but I finally do it manually. The problem is that when a row is selected, this row grabs the focus so if we are typing inside the search bar, we can not continue typing.

During the next weeks I will create a API that makes possible to create useful plugins and I will fix the bugs and details that the application has.

You can try the program downloading it from Github.

The GUADEC will start at the 26th of July and I will be there 🙂 so if you have some idea about the application, a good place to tell me would be there.