GNOMECAT. Let’s Strike again!

por Marcos Chavarría Teijeiro

As you can see in my GNOMECAT commits I have been a couple or more months really inactive [emoji confused face] .

I have been too busy with my university exams and projects. I have become the secretary of GPUL (2012 GUADEC organizers), which is awesome but it takes an amazing amount of time. And, in addition, I have got employed by R (a galician ISP), which is also great but it takes another important amount of time too.

So that’s why I have not worked in GNOMECAT application during that time and I’m afraid that the situation isn’t gonna change in the next few months.

On the other hand, I have acquire a compromise with GNOME community when I started my GSoC internship. I should create an application to help GNOME translators and the application isn’t done. So I really want to finish GNOMECAT and I think that this summer would be a good time to do it. Providing that I find a mentor, I’m going to apply again for a Google Summer of Code.

The purpose of this GSoC is, obviously, finish the application. So in this post I’m going to sum up what’s is done and what I’m going to do this summer.

What’s done

Well, in this section I’m going to apply the proverb “A picture is worth a thousand words”. The next video shows the current aspect of the application and some of its features.

Most of the application features are implemented now or they need a little work. As you can see I have redesign the search bar since the last post so the advanced search dialog is removed and I have add and extra bar to contain this options.

What has to be done

The most important failure of the application is that the gettext-po bindings that I created last summer doesn’t work so nice. When I save a file it throws a segmentation fault and the application works too slow with big .po files.
On the other a hand I have started an application redesign. I’m going to move the settings dialog to the main windows. I made some mockups where the result can be appreciated.

Settings-Editor (1)

Settings-Profiles (2)

Settings-Profiles-Settings (3)

Settings-Plugins (4)

Settings-Plugins-Settings (5)

I ask some helps from the GNOME Design team so the can give me some ideas to improve this and other parts of the applications. I’m thinking about to make something similar with open menu. The idea is that when I click open you can choices in the main windows if you want to open a recent file, a project or (even) a file from Damned Lies.

Moreover, the project as a set of files idea needs a lot of work. The Project tab should show more information and the search should work also for projects.

I’m using now GitHub issues to keep track of this bugs/ToDo’s/ideas and there is a list of other tiny but also important things to do.

I want to apply GSoC this summer but I need someone who could be my mentor. There is some volunteer around?