GSoC application status report

por Marcos Chavarría Teijeiro

This last weeks I have been polishing some details of the application but I have not added any major feature.

I attend a really nice talk about building Gtk applications during GUADEC and I have been including some aspects that I learn there. I have create a class application and I have substitute Window by ApplicationWindow. In addition I didn’t know the SearchBar widget so I replace my ad-hoc widget by the “standard” one.

I have a really nice talk with Ignacio Casal (thank you man!) through IRC and he gives me really nice advises that I have been implementing. I have added autotools support to the project, I have implemented the HeaderBar and Notebook inside the window template and not as part of different templates and I have remove some comments that I wrote when I started the project and that make the code dirtier.

In addition I have removed the StatusBar and I have included a progressbar on the HeaderBar title that shows the name and status of the current file. That last idea comes from a conversation with yoseforb through IRC (Great idea!).

The next video show the current aspect of the the tool. Due to some unknown reason the button icons aren’t being shown since the last JHBuild update I have made :(.

You can follow the project status and you can try (and even review) the code using the GitHub repository.

Moreover I’m still waiting for your opinion about the program name. The only person that has give his opinion was Daniel so “GNOME Translation Tool” is winning at the moment.