por Marcos Chavarría Teijeiro

I have just arrive Santiago de Compostela airport and I think that this marks the end of my second GUADEC.

However, this GUADEC was totally different that the first one. Last year in Coruña I was surrounded by people that I already met and I didn’t make any effort to meet new people. Although I don’t met new people, “that’s where I got infected”. I realize that I want to work in a FLOSS company and that I want to belong to this awesome community.

Gnome Hispano dinner at GUADEC

Photo taken by Ana Rey (@anaRB)

One year later I’m working on a GSoC project and I have faced GUADEC in a totally different way. I didn’t meet anybody who was going to attend the event.  In addition last year GUADEC talk were a little boring for me so I decide to volunteer in order to meet new people and practice my speaking English. I met a lot of great people and I have a really great time. In fact I’m thinking about attending GUADEC-ES that is going to take place next October in Madrid.

This year talks were awesome. I really enjoy Emily talk about FLOSS and Education, the talk by Juan Pablo Ugarte about Glade and CSS and Fabiana Simões (who I’ve got the pleasure to met) talk  about How to not report UX bugs among others. I also have the opportunity to give a lighting talk (thank you Ana for this and evert photo you have taken during the event) of about 3 minutes about my work in GSoC.

I want to thank Gnome Foundation to give me the opportunity of meeting such a great people and having a really great time with them.


PS: The photo was taken the last day during a dinner with people from Gnome-Hispano. Thank you guys for the such a good time we’ve spend together 😉