Keep working on GNOMECAT

por Marcos Chavarría Teijeiro

During last weeks I have been working on improving the program UI and the po file management. You can see the result in the following video:

I have improve PoFiles bindings including functions to file header and string origins management and fixing some errors. I have use the information from header files to improve opened files panel and to create a custom recent files widget.

Saving files almost works. We can save a file but there are some troubles with origins which I should fix. In addition I have modify a little the implementation of the Po File class in order to make it more efficient.

I’m starting to improve the profile panel and I have started separating the entries in two stackable panels for basic and advanced configuration. I added autocomplete for plural form and team email when we select a language but it only works in a couple of languages :S. If you can contribute to the code an easy and very useful way would be to fill this data for some languages. You can even do this from the GitHub interface.

You can try and contribute to the code using the GitHub repository. If you are interested on contributing to the application the most relevant part I should work on is figure out how to improve the program performance with big files (gnumeric could be a good example).

On the other hand I’m planning to attend this year GUADEC (I have already bought the flights). There it will be a I18N BoF which I’m afraid I wont be able to assist because I leave Strasbourg on 29th of July. However it would be really interesting to receive some feedback from the translators during that days.


I have to thanks GNOME Foundation for sponsoring the trip one year again 🙂