por Marcos Chavarría Teijeiro

This last week I have been working on implementing search module on the new program. To do this I create iterators for messages inside files and for message marks inside messages. A message mark contains a reference to a substring on a message and it stores the information that it’s needed for highlight certain part of the message.

I have modify my code deleting my string filters that added Pango Markup and I change that for TextMarks that works better with a GtkTextView.

In the next video you can watch how a simple search looks in the new application.

If you have any suggestion about the video or the project in general please leave a comment, write me and email or contact me during GUADEC.

On the other hand this days I will be on GUADEC!! I’m really grateful to Gnome Foundation that sponsor my travel and accommodation for this really interesting conference and allows me to be here. If you want to see me and talk to me about this project or you want to see what I have make working you can find me on some of the talks where I’m volunteering as session chair.

PS: People from Gnome has asked me to change the name of the application because it should be Gnome branded. I need your opinion, what name do you like more, Gnome Translator or Gnome CAT?