Starting the GSoC Project!!

por Marcos Chavarría Teijeiro

On the 27th of May afternoon I received a really exciting email that told me that I was accepted to participate in this year Google Summer of Code 😀

Congratulations! Your proposal “Redesign and port Gtranslator to Vala” submitted to “GNOME” has been accepted for Google Summer of Code 2013. Over the next few days, we will add you to the private Google Summer of Code Student Discussion List.

First I want to say thank you to all people who help me while I was creating my proposal. I’m sure that this summer I can create a really good tool!!

As a first phase of the project, I have been sending emails to some localization mailing list, among others:

  • Galician Gnome L10N Team (url)
  • Proxecto Trasno
  • Spanish Gnome L10N Team (url)
  • International Gnome L10N (url)
  • OpenSuse L10N Team
  • OpenOffice L10N Team
  • Fedora Translation Team

I want to say thank you also to the people from this mailing list that collaborate with the project. As a result of this emails I have receive a huge number of ideas that I can sum up here:

  • Open/Save different formats (translate-toolkit) files.
  • Header management.
  • User Profiles.
  • Project overview.
  • Search/Search and Replace feature.
    • Regex
    • Search in several files/ in the whole document
    • Update translation files with new ones.
  • Split/Merge files feature.
  • Translation propagation through the document/project.
  • Economic measures. (number of translated words, price per word, etc.)
  • Syntax highlighting.
  • Communication with web server (i.e. Transifex or Dammed Lies).
  • Customizable UI. Simple/Complex view.
    • Files and projects tab view.
  • Navigation through the document.
    • Translated
    • Untranslated.
    • Fuzzy.
  • Translation Memory.
    • Import/Export different formats (.po, .tmx, …)
    • Several TM. Priority.
    • Update a TM.
    • TMX Server (TrobadoramaGamaOpen-tran and Transvision)
  • Glossary.
    • Terminological units’ glossary.
    • TBX Server (Terminator).
    • Term search. Local (GoldenDict) and internet (Wikipedia, bUSCatermos)
  • Previewing function. (similar to Deckard).
  • Keyboard full control.
    • Other programs shortcuts (lokalize, original gtranslator,…)
    • Customizable shortcuts.
  • Other language translation.
  • Checkers:
    • Spell.
    • Orational and style correction.
    • Quality controls (language tools)
    • Coherence (terminological).
    • Tags.
    • Pology.
  • Multiplatform.
  • Auto-translation (Google TranslatorBing Translator, Opentrad, Apertium)
  • Statistics. Project and File.
    • Number of translated words.
    • Number of transtlated strings.