ValaCAT application current status

por Marcos Chavarría Teijeiro

During last weeks I have been working on the application interns and the user interface. I don’t publish anything last week because I was in a festival (Festival Internacional do Mundo Celta de Ortigueira) and I have no internet connection.

I have create a more Gnome-Shell like UI than the one I show you on the previous mockups and I think that it’s quite cool. I have also created modules to treat with languages, filters and more. You can view and critize the code on the GitHub Repository.

I have record a demo to show you the current status of the application. It’s recorded using gnome-shell tool and it has no audio but I try to highlight the most important parts of the application.

Please do not hesitate in comment anything about the application or the demo video. I need your feedback in order to be able to improve the program.