Welcome GnomeCAT

por Marcos Chavarría Teijeiro

It has been a while since the last post I wrote about my work writing a new CAT tool. It’s true that I have remain about a month working on other things (related to my university classes) but some important things have happened since then.

Firstly two of the most important items of the new tool which are hints and checkers has been implemented. These two aspects have been implemented as interfaces that should been implemented as plugins. However, I have write DemoHintProvider and DemoChecker to show how these items are going to work.

I have also refactored the code related to select items and the code related to navigate through the document and searching strings. Now the Navigator class is the common parent of the class that allows to navigate through the document and the search classes. In addition now these two classes use a new API to select items in the program. This API is provided by the Application class and allow to select a file, a message and a string inside a message.

Then, I have change the name of the application to GnomeCAT as part of the request of the Gnome foundation that the application name should be “Gnome branded”.

To end, last 12th of October, I have attend to the X GUADEC-es and there apart from meeting some old and new friends I have give a talk with Daniel Mustiles about the application. The previous photo is from that moment. You can find the slides I’ve use here (they are in Spanish :S) and the video that I’ve use to show the tool here.